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Need creative help 75 gallon scaping

The goal I am shooting for is a stream. I know I kicked myself in the arse a bit with picking lava rock as the substrate, but I couldn't say no for the price I got it at.

I am considering on getting some rocks, but unsure on where I should place them, or what sizes/colors I should get, etc. Any creative help is welcome and appreciated!

As you can tell, I just threw some plants in and let them grow out some to see how things went, but I am still having creative issues. not sure if I need to add more place or take plants out. Maybe a few large covering plants?

The current stock list
C. Balansae
C. Wendtii (Multi sp.)
C. Spiralis
C. Lutea
C. Lucens
C. Blassii
R. Rotund
L. Repens
I disgracefully forgot the name of the plant in the back right...

On order
C. Petchii
L. Ovalis
Micro sword
Micro sword (Giant)
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