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Originally Posted by andrewss View Post
very nice... these are such cool lil guys

besides the feeder snails are you planning on any other fauna? perhaps shrimps would be too easy for him to pick on but I wonder if a CPO or something could be interesting....
There are a few ottos in there too, I might throw in a few ghost shrimp just to test see what happens, worst case the puffer gets a nice snack.

Originally Posted by jeander View Post
What kind of heater are you using? I am looking for a small, reliable heater for my 5 g tank that isn't preset. . .

I just have the Tetra 50 watt preset heater. I've used them before and never had a single problem. this one hasn't let my tank move from 78 yet.

Originally Posted by somewhatshocked View Post
Please take about a million more photos. Puffers are great!
Dont worry i will take a ton tonight when i get home!
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