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Originally Posted by Sethjohnson30 View Post
Those Roselines are going to need a larger tank at Least 4 ft I keep mine in a 72g and I plan on upgrading to 125g+ 6ft tank in the next year or so as they grow. I would recommend a school of a smaller fish like cardinal tetra,rummy nose tetra or harlequin rasboras. These fish seem to school the tightest you could easily keep 20 of them in your tank. The angels are going to outgrow the tank as well.

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Thank you for your recommendation The tank is 4 ft. The dimensions are 48" x 17.75" x 24", but I keep the water line at 21". The tank was sold to me as a 100 gallon, but of course, the tank is only good for between 77 and 80 gallons because of the length and width measurements, being that the height doesn't count for much.
I have been planning to exchange the Roselines for something else because I don't like them much. They are a nice looking fish, but not a good match for our home. As far as I know the tank could potentially have a school of 6 Angelfish without risk of being over stocked, but I do not want my tank "full". I prefer to keep it understocked so everyone has "happy swimming" room. I have been concidering Harlequins, but haven't made up my mind yet. Rummynose are soooo cute, but a no-go because my grown Angel snacks on them. He/She ate my last school nearly completely before I removed a few to take back to the LFS.

I am in no rush to stock the tank with anymore inhabitants until the rescape is complete. I plan to take the Roselines back to the LFS soon, if they will agree to give me credit instead of exchanging the fish for something else right away. I appreciate your suggestion about good schoolers.

Good luck with your 125 gallon! Your Roselines will love it since they will be able to swim further down the tank. What other fish do you keep with your Roselines? I have always thought Roselines look incredible in a tank with Rummynose and/or Odessa Barbs. Quite stunning display.

Thanks again!
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