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Here are few pictures of the crypts bouncing back.

Starting to get some hair/threaded algae growing on the substrate. I think it is coming from not enough flow and low CO2 level. I have upped my C02 level but I'm still waiting on a new power head to be delivered. Hopefully it will be here real soon.

The aponogetifolia has grow a new leaf.

Kota Tingii group has grown multiple new leaves.

Hudoroi has grow a new leaf.

SP Rompin has grow a new leaf.

Minima 'Gasser' has grown a new leaf. I have noticed this crypt doesn't like the high light as much. The seem to prefer the medium to low light. In high light, they grow super low and doesn't seem to do as well.

Bullosa 'Sarakei' even has a new left.

Overall, I'm rather happy with the recovering of all the crypts. A lot of them are throwing out new leaves. The new leaves have really nice intense color and look extremely healthy. They do not look like there are any deficiencies in them.
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