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Ferts and Co2 Newbie (A little long)

Hi All,

I hope I'm posting in the right forum due to my questions. I have a 20g long planted tank. Pretty heavily planted I think. I added DHG a couple weeks ago and it seems to be sprouting a lot of bright green new shoots. Dwarf Baby Tears have some patches looking very green and some looking a little pale. Red Ludwigia? has taken off like crazy since added 2 weeks ago.Flourish Root Tabs and Aqueon Liquid Plant food. Hair Algae and the rest of plants is as follows:

Anubias Nana
Amazon Sword
Green Wenzii?
Banana Plant
Mossimo Balls
Another root plant I cannot remember name of! :/

I use Flourite substrate. 10w 6500k LED flood X 2 (20 Watt Led over 20g long)+1 strip 456nm blue led stunner.I Recently upgraded my DIY Co2 to Aquatek Mini pressurized mini painball co2 at 1bps with 24 oz. tank 2 days ago. (Plans to add brass splitter to dose both tanks soon)

I took some of these plants and moved them to my 10g that is cycled using seeded media/sponge/cycled rock method over the past 2-3 weeks along with 5 Endlers from my 20g. All fish and parameters are great on both tanks testing the same parameters minus ph difference as I am not running co2 on 10g until I receive my new led strips will which will be approx 11 watt 6500k that will go over the 10g adding Riccia.

0 ammonia
0 nitrite
= or < 5 ppm Nitrate
7.0-7.6 ph vary on daytime co2 vs. night time without co2(bubbler at night) (20g)

same on everything in 10g except ph +/- 7.6 (10g) (no co2 yet)

I added Flourish tabs to the 20g about 2 months or so ago and just added the Flourish tabs for the rooted plants to the 10g this past weekend. I dose Aqueon Liquid Plant food 1x weekly after a 20% water change.

I'm turning the 10g into a Painted Fire Red Cherry Shrimp only tank on Friday. Will the Flourish Root Tabs that I planted last weekend at 4-6 " intervals in 10g (per instructions) hurt or kill my new baby shrimp? Should I dig the tabs out?

I realize this is way too much info but every time I've asked questions in any type of aquarium forum they need more info before answering. I hope I added all the info you would need to help me out.

Thank you!
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