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My ever-evolving tank (picture heavy)

I am finally closer to creating just what I have been envisioning for my tank. (edit: The tank measures 48" x 17.75" x 24".) It's been in the works for a year! It started with a 30 gallon tank complete with dying plants and sick fish found on craigslist for $30. Of course at the time, I knew nothing about fish and had no idea they were not healthy.
Anyway, it has been quite the journey thus far, and I have learned that fish keeping is not as easy as 1-2-3. No, you can't just drop fish in the tank and throw in some food here and there, topping off the tank as the water evaporates. No, you don't just put all the fish that you liked at the fish store in the tank without running into huge complications because not all fish are compatible! No, you can't cheap out with desk lights or anything similar and expect to have living plants and there is not a species of fish you should buy to replace you cleaning your tank!

Anyway, I am the proud owner of some driftwood! YEAH! So, I have begun the process that will bring my vision to life! Here is what is happening:

I rinsed my dishwasher 4 times in a row then added the driftwood and on the highest setting, let it rinse in the dishwasher 4 times. It's been soaking in a tub since. No tannins! Just needs to sink. I've cleaned all my rocks collected locally this past summer and am now testing them to be sure they are aquarium safe. I have gotten my water chemistry stable, although it is noted the KH needs to be a little higher; working on that. I have posted in the WTB/RAOK thread a list of plants I need for my tank. I am still researching potential inhabitants to replace the Denison Barbs I have, which are currently 5" long. No rush there.

Tonight I added black Echo Complete to just under half of the tank and in 3-4 days I will be doing the same to the middle, then the other half. After that driftwood and rocks

Here's a couple pics.
Click image for larger version

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Click image for larger version

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It is a looooong way from finished and the water is a bit cloudy from the 1/2 tank change. None of the plants and wood are in their place. It's just temporary until I get the substrate finished.

I am sooooo excited!

Update: 11/17/12 All the old substrate has been removed, some plants added as well as some Manzanita, rocks, and Mopani dw. Not finished, but close

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