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Well I figured it was time for a little picture update.

Heres the most recent FTS

Not a great shot but heres one of my new Red Cherry Shrimp

Heres another Red Cherry shrimp hiding behind the new bacopa, hoping the bacopa will grow out, fill out, and then eventually grow out of the surface as I've heard it does (Thanks Fishies In Philly)

The Anubis is still looking good! Added some Schefelera, we'll see if I can keep it trimmed enough to keep it manegable.

The Red Tiger Lotus is really taking off! Some new big leaves, don't mind the dirty sand... it desperatly needs cleaned.

A shot of the Bacopa Carolina

New Rosette sword, Not sure if its one of the ones that will get red in it or not. Time will tell!

Well theres the progress for now!

More to come I'm sure!
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