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Originally Posted by sketch804 View Post
so how goes the eiro's?? I need to get another one @sum point, my E Aussie I finally bit the dust!

Ya I can't wait to see more shrimps!
I ditched my erio tank a while back. It succumbed to BGA and I didn't have the proper lighting since I moved all the plants so yeah.... I'm planning to start up another soft water, high tech tank so I'll be looking for some myself . Soon!

Originally Posted by shrimpnmoss View Post
I'm just lurking your threads bro! No more TTs for me. I sold and traded them all off. I had them for 2 years and needed to try something new! TTs are pretty much bullet proof though. Easy shrimps to breed cause they are a wild strain. Glad to see that they are still going strong in your tank Nick.
Wattup mang! I knew you got rid of them all . How are them PRL doing for you bro?

Actually that's an old pic that Carlos dug up. Those TTs are long gone. I didn't have room for them so I sold them all to Jimmy IIRC.

Glad you're still around.
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