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Thank you for your input When I upgraded to this tank from a 30 gallon, I had put the fish in buckets with airstones. Fliters and heaters didn't fit, so I was extremely stressed out! I worked as fast as I could. All the fish made it thankfully. I just had a mini-break down from stress afterward though LOL!
So, I do think if I can avoid taking all the fish out during the rescape, I would refer it. Sounds like maybe I can do this safely...

Buying a new tank Ha Ha! If only my husband liked the fish as much as I do! He is NOT happy with my tank I have now, so if I added another, I think I'd be "the fish" in the tank (jk He thinks it's all a huge waste of money. I had an opportunity to get a 180 gallon with filters, driftwood, lights and fish for only $300, but he refused to allow such a big tank in the house. I was quite dissapointed, and honestly still am

Since someone agrees with my suggested method, I will go with it. So, half the tank at a time.

Thank you!
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