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the point is they are adding a ton of advertising to the site. the average user doesn't use ad block or anything similar and they come to this site as a guest to read stuff and see tons of ads. it turns off potential new users. not to mention a lot of people use tablets or phones where ad block and the likes are not readily available.

also lately I have been getting database error pages frequently. wonder if they are changing something on the backed?
I Don't use an add blocker and I don't see any new adds, or embed links... It's a general rule of thumb if you join a forum = 95% of adds go away. I think it is safe to know that a good majority of people who browse forums knows that, if you join (or for existing members log in) the adds are not an issue. Unless you guys are grossly over exaggerating the amount of ads you are seeing.

I don't get why everybody is giving this guy grief, he is here to make money plain and simple. It's a simple concept for every ad that is clicked/subscribed/referred to by him he makes money. Which means 1) he needs ads, 2) he needs people. He will not ruin the site because if he stops incoming traffic by over clutter with a ton of ads he losses money. Since he took over the site the site is generating more traffic from search engines, people are spending more time on the site, and less people are coming on and leaving right away.

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