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Congrats! New fish are always fun! I have Celestial Pearl Danio too (formerly known as Galaxy Rasbora). Are they in a tank alone or with other fish? They might be skittish at first and hide fairly often (particularly depending on other fish in the tank, whether or not they feel threatened) but they should relax and come out more soon. Give them a lot of hiding places to feel secure. They're also not as fast as other fish and they are timid so if they are in a tank with other fish, be sure the CPDs are getting food. Even food blowing around from a filter output can hinder them being able to catch enough food (I've had to turn my filters off during feeding). They like to eat as the food falls (a couple might venture to the surface, but not most); sinking pellets (New Life Spectrum or Hikari micro pellets are good) and Golden Pearls are good. They love frozen foods like daphnia. They have small mouths so make sure the food is small enough for them. They also like temps on the cool side, low-mid 70s.
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