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Originally Posted by kevmo911 View Post
Okay, I understand your position a bit better now. I would not change my previous suggestions, but I would add that:

If you're really sure this is a problem for you, go immediately to your mentor and/or department head. I would still suggest that you go to your instructor with a concrete alternative (something you've discussed with the potential recipient of your service) and see what he/she says. If he/she doesn't agree with the alternative, and that alternative seems to be in line with exactly what the professor wants, then I'd suggest you go to your mentor and/or department head.

A 300-level class, as I said, is an advanced class, regardless of your experiences. In many, or most, cases, being uncomfortable with 1-on-1 interactions may be an acceptable reason to petition an instructor for an alternative assignment. However, in many other cases (sociology, anthropology, psychology, or any civil service or education field, for example), 1-on-1 interaction is (or should be) necessary for graduation (a case worker with zero social skills, for example, is utterly useless to any society). I don't know what your major is, so that inclusion may help.

One more time: drop this class and retake it with another professor if it is at all possible.
It's not going to be offered again until next fall, and I'm supposed to graduate (already two years late) in May... So dropping and re-taking is NOT an option, or I would have done it at the very beginning...

That being said, although my major IS Anthropology, I'm more interested in ethnology (compilation and interpretation of research) than ethnography (the stuff you spend years in other countries talking to people for). My real interest is cyber-social constructs (in-game clans and guilds in MMORPGS and such), but that's not a "thing" yet, so I'm doing what I can. Truly, one's major means nothing anymore.

Anyway, the "project" is over (my 4-page reflection about--due tomorrow--is kind of what prompted this post), and all that's left is the 10-page paper (which isn't horrible by any stretch) due at finals. I'm just concerned that, given the tone of her voice when she bequeathed upon me the privledge of being a tiny bit short on hours, she's going to grade my paper somewhat unfaily.

I already have one teacher who hates me (Long story short, she singled me out in a silent classroom to inform me that I was distracting her by smiling at my computer in the absolute back of the room), whose class I'm afraid for my grade in (despite acing the quizzes so far). I don't really need another. I HAVE been trying, honestly--I could have dropped everything, slept away my Wednesday afternoons, and forged my hours sheet. I'm trying to be honest about this, and I feel somewhat punished for it, plus the threat of "not having a final paper up to par" is just sort of killing my soul a bit.

I keep telling myself "I can do this," but after six years of emotional, financial, and academic stress, I'm ready to give up and become a hobo or a zombie or a bank robber.

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