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Okay, I understand your position a bit better now. I would not change my previous suggestions, but I would add that:

If you're really sure this is a problem for you, go immediately to your mentor and/or department head. I would still suggest that you go to your instructor with a concrete alternative (something you've discussed with the potential recipient of your service) and see what he/she says. If he/she doesn't agree with the alternative, and that alternative seems to be in line with exactly what the professor wants, then I'd suggest you go to your mentor and/or department head.

A 300-level class, as I said, is an advanced class, regardless of your experiences. In many, or most, cases, being uncomfortable with 1-on-1 interactions may be an acceptable reason to petition an instructor for an alternative assignment. However, in many other cases (sociology, anthropology, psychology, or any civil service or education field, for example), 1-on-1 interaction is (or should be) necessary for graduation (a case worker with zero social skills, for example, is utterly useless to any society). I don't know what your major is, so that inclusion may help.

One more time: drop this class and retake it with another professor if it is at all possible.
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