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Hello everyone. Sorry this weekend got real busy.

It's time I took a min and updated at least what plants I have and then I have a few questions.

Forgbit - Love it in this tank!
Anubias - It's in the back corner attached to the DW. You can't really see it because the moss has really grown out.
Moss - I'm not sure what type. I bought it a long time ago and it has been in another tank. Believe it or not the moss is tied to some cholla(SP) wood. It has totally engulfed it. Maybe someone can tell me what it is if they know what it is?
Bacopa Caroliniana - in the back right corner. For some reason in this tank it is turning red. Don't know why but I love it!
Baby Tears covers the front right. It's not the dwarf kind. It's much easier to grow. It's time for a trim actually.


Over the last week I have had three shrimp deaths. It looks like it was from a bad molt. Keep in mind this is my first shrimp tank so I'm not sure what a bad molt is. But it looks like they have a crack on the back of their shell like the were trying to molt but didn't.
It seams that something in my tank is lowering the GH. I have be using distilled water from the supermarket and remineralizing it with MMP. I get the GH to about 8 and then in a few days it's back down around 5. I have my TDS up to about 230 trying to keep in at 8. Any ideas to why this is happening or am I just crazy.

Thanks everyone.

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