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Is anyone an instructor/admin at a college or university?

I'm curious as to what someone in a position of authority at a college might think about this course I'm taking, and the situation I've encountered in it. I've told friends, but most of my friends are also college students, and would naturally side with me thinking that this is patently unfair. Of course, others are welcome to weigh in, as well...

In one of my courses, we have been given the additional assignment of 15 hours of "Academic Service-Learning." This is not in place of the weekly readings, individual presentations, essays, and term paper, but in addition to it. It was not mentioned in the course description at all, nor was there any sort of email sent before the class began regarding the additional requirements.

It is only a 300-level course (I'd understand further work required in, say, a capstone, thesis, or graduate-level course, but not in a 300-level). It is a course that is required for my major, and it is the only section offered this academic year. The professor announced at the beginning of the class, "If you don't have time for the service-learning component, then consider taking another section or putting it off until a later semester."

I am actually quite furious at the situation, since my schedule does not have time for community service at either of the designation institutions (one of which is a 9-5 office). The professor, after I explained my problems with the requirement, informed me that she would not take off points for "being a few hours short" of the requirements, but that she was "Afraid the quality of your final research paper will be affected." Given that she already took two points off of a 50-point essay for a single typo, I'm a little afraid that she will deliberately grade me extra harshly because of my situation.

I physically do not have any available hours open during my days to visit any of the other faculty in the department (including my faculty mentor), but I don't want to take it way over my professor's head and email the Dean or anything. It's stressing me out way more than I have the physical energy for, given other issues with school and work this semester. Does anyone have any thoughts on whether I maybe SHOULD take this to the dean? My professor herself was entirely unsympathetic even when I nearly cried in front of her trying to explain to her how impossible it was for me to finish the hours (it had been an already stressful day).

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