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I ordered a lily pipe cleaner a few weeks ago off an ebay seller in HK. It finally arrived yesterday. So, today is canister and lily pipe cleaning day.

It's the first time I am cleaning these since I got my tank set up in May. I probably don't need to clean my canister yet as there's no resistance to the flow. However, I question how well it is keeping my water crystal clear since it's probably filled with shrimp sand especially the bag of Purigen. I stirred up quite a bit of sand during my transition from 60F to 60P a few weeks ago. Look at the black hoses. They were clear just a week ago.

Pipes are clean.

Hooked everything back up. The "black" opaque clear hose is replaced with Eheim OEM hose. The new hoses are still trying to curl up.

A few notes of observations. I have a total of 5 juvie CRS. One of them molted yesterday. Saw it today, and it's huge. Looks like it double or even tripled in size. Is that possible? It's probably as large or larger than my 6 months old Snowball mama shrimp. And, it seems the shell color gets a bit fainter after the molt. Maybe it's because of the extreme growth?

I replaced one bag worth of sintured glass media and replaced the Purigen bag today.

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