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Ok so here some some pics to update everything:

OEBT Neo Yellow Tank: I have about 60 OEBT 8 currently Berried 4 just released clutches (Not counting them in totals until they hit juvi stage, guessing around 50 uncounted little ones) I have 30 Adult Neos yellows 5 are currently berried 2 just release.

BTOE Blue Velvet Tank: I have about 40 BTOE and 8 are berried 6 just release clutches, guessing I have around 50 babies running around. I have 25 Blue velvets, first one just hit the age to berry up and she did.

Was my 10 G CRS SS-SSS tank, but it imploded, now cycling to make it my Hybrid F2+ tank. Has Amazonia new in it

PFR Tank, Maybe 400 Adults and countless little ones, just recenly this year sold of 1180 shrimp out of it.

TB/Hybrid tank, with some adult CRS Females and Snow whites 21 Hybrids, 10 Snow whites, 12 female crs (Well I think most are female, I think I spoted a mole or 3, but will be pulling them soon.

Rack shelf 1

Rack Shelf 2

Desk houses the TB current and feauture tank

55 Planted Rummys,2 GBR,8 Corys,4 Discus PFR Culls
Many shrimp tanks
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