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Planted Viv for Tapinauchenius Arboreal T

Planted Viv for Tapinauchenius Arboreal T

I have a concept in mind for a planted viv to house a Tapinauchenius capreus tarantula.

Google: Tapinauchenius

Members of this genus are interesting spiders. Most are smaller than most other arboreal tarantulas at only around 3" long. This lesser size should scale well with a smaller enclosure size and I intend to use a 12 X 12 X 18 Exo Terra enclosure for this project. It will have the same basic setup as my current 12 X 12 setup (below) with a few important differences.

That is a high-humidity viv that I mist every day. I am selecting plants that will grow with lower humidity levels (~75%) for this new tarantula setup.

The T. capreus got here on Friday through the mail from Pennsylvania. Here are a couple of quick and crummy pictures. It sure is cool. It has a real distinctive appearance with short an velvety hairs on the abdomen and long front legs. It's super fast too.

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