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Thanks to Koi Kameon for pointing me toward this thread. I really like your tank davrx, best of luck getting them to breed. As Koi mentioned, they can be awfully finicky about breeding in captivity. I've been keeping mine in a 10 gallon tank at 1.012 sg for a while now and have had very spotty breeding. I've got one berried shrimp out of 100 or so going at the moment. These shrimp seem to be able to breed in a fairly wide range of conditions, based on the number of people who post about them thriving on neglect, but they'll also simply refuse to breed for people who have set up what seem to be perfect tanks. I'm sure we (the opae ula keepers of the world) are missing something but I just don't know what it is.

I don't do water changes often (every few months) and I've got a very low flow air powered filter that is probably not doing anything worthwhile beyond keeping the water moving very slowly. I feed them a little bit of spirulina occasionally, and I've tried other foods previously with little interest.
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