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Originally Posted by hotrodprincess View Post
the light on our 3 gal tank went out and I am toying with the idea of just getting a 10gal. My issues is we will be moving about 3 hours away some time this year. How hard is it to move a aquascaped tank. It would have a moss tree on a hill and dwarf hair grass. and a couple other mosses. in the tank I would have a sand substrate. I would like to know what ow hard it would be and what I would be getting in to before i make the decision to up grade to a bigger tank.
I honestly wouldn't try to move anything bigger than a 10 gallon by yourself for starters. I've moved a 10 gallon before. If it has livestock, get a couple of buckets (clean). I recommend the styrofoam ones that some fishing shops sell for transporting minnows (live bait). These have lids on them. Make sure your tank is the last thing you pack up, the first to move, and the first to set up. Drain the water from the tank putting as much as you can into buckets. Next scoop the fish out and put them into one of the buckets. Take the filter cartridge and put them in a bucket as well. (I usually put it in a bucket separate from the fish). Try and remove all the water into buckets or at least 50% of it. This will make the tank easy to move and carry. Whatever water can't be transported, just use water at the new place.
Move everything to the new place, get the tank set up. Start filling the tank and put the fish in with the old water. Dechlorinate whatever new water you have to add to fill it up to the top and put that water in after the old water. Put the Filter cartridge back in the filter, and plug everything in. You should be good after this. Things might be a bit cloudy from everything being jostled around, but that will settle soon. Just to help ease the move, I would keep the lights off on the tank for about 24 hours. Try to take away as many stress factors on the fish as you can.
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