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Originally Posted by Koi Kameon View Post
To me, it sounded like NO plants could live with them at all and I wanted to correct that. I have also kept them at higher salinities--all the way up to pure seawater. What is your spec. gravity??

I mention the hit or miss part bc Jason Patterson, whom I highly respect on his background research, etc., is really into them and seems to do everything right as suggested by the handful of seeming HRS "experts" and struggles, the guy I bought mine from had no place to hide for them and had about 30 in a 60 oz. bowl with temps in the 50's at night in the winter--outside the recommended parameters. That's the point I was trying to make. I have no interest in breeding them and actually kept them in the suggested range for that and nothing.
I personally have no opinion on the topping off the water or water change thing.
I sincerely hope you wind up enjoying them as much as I have. They are amazing creatures.

One question for you--where did you get your amazing "mountiain" looking rocks? I would love one as a focal point in my container. Thanks.
Thanks for your comments, I hope mine breed but if not, they have such a long lifespan it shouldn't be an issue if they don't.
I bought the Seiryu stone in this bowl from PC1 or were you referring to the large Seiryu stones in my Jewel tank? Those two came from flowerfishs. Flowerfishs has some nice large ones available right now. I bought a lot of nice smaller stones from PC1.

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