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Then there was a misunderstanding in your orig. post.

To me, it sounded like NO plants could live with them at all and I wanted to correct that. I have also kept them at higher salinities--all the way up to pure seawater. What is your spec. gravity??

I mention the hit or miss part bc Jason Patterson, whom I highly respect on his background research, etc., is really into them and seems to do everything right as suggested by the handful of seeming HRS "experts" and struggles, the guy I bought mine from had no place to hide for them and had about 30 in a 60 oz. bowl with temps in the 50's at night in the winter--outside the recommended parameters. That's the point I was trying to make. I have no interest in breeding them and actually kept them in the suggested range for that and nothing.
I personally have no opinion on the topping off the water or water change thing.
I sincerely hope you wind up enjoying them as much as I have. They are amazing creatures.

One question for you--where did you get your amazing "mountiain" looking rocks? I would love one as a focal point in my container. Thanks.
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