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Originally Posted by forumadmin View Post
As you have read above, has come to an agreement with Kyle and will now be the owners of We here at bring with us staff and resources to make this site grow by leaps and bounds. We provide the resources necessary to run this site and maintain the day to day technical and managerial tasks that are time consuming for one person.

With that I would like you all to know that this is still YOUR community and we are here to work with the community and the existing staff to keep this site a place for you to come and feel at home.
First off, thanks Kyle, for starting this AMAZING site which has guided me through many a hard-times in aquatica. I HATE that this has to be this way, but I understand and respect your decision. I don't like it at all, or even agree with it, seeing what is happening on here since I was here last. I do kow that, deep down, you had the interest of your loyal followers at heart and I love that about you.

Originally Posted by forumadmin View Post
My name is Adam, please feel free to ask questions in this section of the forum and I will do my best to answer any and all of them. As of now I will be the only employee to join the site, I am here to answer questions help with technical issues and make sure we are doing our job and keeping you all happy. If you have any issues, feel free to discuss below. I hope you all enjoy this new chapter in life.

Thank you all for reading.
I wanted to post this because there was some heated discussions about some questions asked earlier, after Adam TOLD US TO POST QUESTIONS HERE!! If you all have noticed, he is still not answering any questions here. As a matter of fact, he hasn't been back in here posting for a month and a half to answer the questions previously asked by members that I, also, would like to know the answer to. He has been on, just not back in to answer our questions like he said he would IN HERE.

Issues? I have issues!
1:How do you warrant putting ads for INSURANCE companies on a forum for aquariums? I mean, I know you are wanting to make money, but that's ridiculous!!
2:An admin on an AQUARIUM site and he doesn't even own an aquarium? Atleast get a nano tank so that you can easily transport it or something.
3:What are all the embedded links about? Most aren't even about AQUARIUMS or the equipment, fish, or plants that go along with that!!

Kyle, you had better reward us with some awesome tank journals as you are missed already

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