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Just tested my water and must say I'm a bit surprised at my readings even did them twice to make sure.

This is only day 4 since the first water was put in.
Ph - 7.6 -7.5 tested with both high and low range Ph tests
Ammonina - 1.0ppm was at 2.0ppm just over 12 hours ago
Nitrite - 0 zip zero nada
Nitrate - 0.5 ppm ???? What how did this happen? Ran test 3 times same result every time.

I had dosed the tank with ammonia 4 days ago to about 4-5 ppm it dropped to 2ppm and stayed there until just about 20 min ago now it's at 1ppm.

Only thing I've added that might explain it is I've been dosing with Biozyme as per the instructions.

I did one 80% water change on day 1 since the water was so cloudy I couldn't see more then 3 inches into the tank, since then it's cleared up alot still a little cloudy but it will clear up in time put in a DIY power head filter with poly fill and sponge to help polish the water a bit and get some of the extra fine sand that's floating around out of suspension, noticed a big difference after 6 hours so it's working now if only I could stop adjusting the plants it would be clear already.

As fpr cycling the tank was going to go with the fishless cycle method but i'm leaning more towards the silent cycle method at the moment since the tank is fairly well planted, any opinions?

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