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Originally Posted by polukoff View Post
$35 is a lot of money for less than 500 lumens.
Yes, it is, but since I already have the bulb I'm just going to do my best to find an application for it.

Originally Posted by View Post
Just my $2.00 worth. <-- inflation, of course.
Lumens and lux are measurements that are appropriate for human eyes.
500 lumens may work really well in some situations. Add in energy savings and not having to replace the lamp every year or two, could easily make $35. a bargain.

Given my personal experience with LED lamps in our house, It's my opinion that current industry specs are not comparable or perhaps compatible with what "we" have used for incandescent and fluorescent lighting solutions.
Yes, agreed.

And I actually found out that the bulb puts out 650 lumens, but still that doesn't make the greatest of differences.

Originally Posted by Li@m View Post
You can always use G24 LED Downlights, one G24 would work perfectly for you the bulbs cost about 13USD.

This link is the instructions:

Here is where I got mine from:

Here is a 15 Gallon thank with two G24s on it:

That seems like a great solution.

The only part I'm confused on is how you attach the bulb to the wires.

What part is used to connect the wires and bulb together?

Seems like an awesome LED.

I've decided to experiment with my light and have placed it over a saltwater picotope (same as my freshwater pico).

If I see any noticeable growth of algae then I may switch it to my planted pico.

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