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Ramen Lover's 6G GLA Rimless Low-Tech Iwagumi Style Nano Tank

Scroll down to see December 25, 2012 update
Hi All- This is a work in progress. I'm pretty much done with my 55G.. just letting things mature and grow (see sig)

However, now I am addicted to tanks.. and a 55G is fun to put lots of fish in, but I wanted something smaller. My wife decided to let me get a nano tank and put it in the corner of the house. For awhile I was debating on whether or not to do co2 on my next tank. Kept going back and forth for awhile.. and it wasn't about cost.. just about time. with co2.. the plants will probably demand more.. and I'll have to use lots of fertilizers and do more maintenance. yes, I know this isn't true for all co2 tanks.. but from what I've seen co2 tanks are prettier, but often require more time/maintenance.

Anyways! on to my low-tech tank. I've been buying supplies to set it up for the past month or so. My Archaea LED light from AFA in San Francisco is coming this week, but then I'm going on vacation for about a week or so. Once I get back from vacation I'll be setting up and filling the tank.

Equipment Purchased:
-GLA 6 gallon rimless tank
-Eheim 2213 classic canister filter
-CalAqua nano lily pipes
-ADA garden mat
-Deep Blue Professional tank stand
-Archaea 30cm LED light (in transit from AFA in San Francisco)
-1 bag (20 lbs) of eco-complete
-10 lbs of Ohko (dragon) stone
-Non rusting stainless steel mesh (will be explained later)
-Small net and lily pipe cleaners

Planned fauna/flora
-Will be using the stainless steel mesh for moss patches in the tank
-Fissidens will be used for the moss
-Maybe some anubias petite or nana (prefer petite, but not sure if they are easy to grow? I have nana in my 55g and it is doing fine)
-Red Cherry Shrimp or Sakura shrimp.
-Maybe some Amano Shrimp
-2-3 nano fish.. not sure what yet. i have to do more research

Shot of the tank with stand (taken with iPhone):

Photo of the equipment I have purchased so far:

Photo of my Ohko stones (minimum order was 10 lbs. I'll probably use half of these):

10/29/2012 Update

Due to Hurricane Sandy.. I did not have work for the past two days. Decided to flood my tank. I will be on vacation next week, but will purchase some fissiden moss carpet and maybe some anubias petite for my tank.

Here it is today without plants. Just letting it cycle. I could use media from my 55G, but I am not in a real rush.

Full setup shot with Eheim in the cabinet:

Full tank shot:

Close up of the tank:

***December 8, 2012 update****

I re-arranged the stones as recommended awhile ago. Just never took a photo. I'm waiting for the plants to grow in more and creating a sort of mountain on the right.. and then at the bottom of the mountain on the left will be a field of fissidens.

Added in some RCS from my 55G tank (see sig for my other journal), and added in 3 Endlers that I got from the LFS a couple of weeks ago (they were in quarantine).

December 25, 2012 Update!

^Added some male hybrid endlers to go with my other endlers (5 endlers total now). Also added 5 Galaxy Rasboras and RCS. Created a moss tree a few days ago and waiting for that to grow out.

^Shot of some of my Galaxy Rasboras and some of my Endlers

^Just a close-up of the tank.

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