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Tinkerpuppets low tech 29g

I got my new tank up and running! I got a assortment of plants from a fish auction, not sure how much I love them, but fine for now. I have a feeling things may change...


8000k Daylight fluorescent T8
Aqueon 30 filter
100w Aqueon heater
Black flourite capped with gravel

I'm a bit fuzzy here, the auction wasn't very specific
Bacopa (stems back left)
Egeria Najas (stems back middle)
Hornwort (stems behind dw)
Java fern (?? hard to see, back of dw)
Red stems (?? not a clue)

nothing yet, need to cycle first

Totally open to suggestions. I think I need something along the right wall, although when sitting in our living room, that's a viewing side, I don't want it completely planted solid. And the sponge filter won't be staying, its from my other tank just helping with the cycle.

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