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I'm just going to ignore this thread for now. I've lost all of my angels and all of my snails and almost lost my blood parrot. Even now, one of my pearl gourami's looks very shaky and in terrible shape, so I'm focusing more on the fish as it currently stands. The wood is COVERED in BBA algae and most of my stem plants have died back or just look terrible. My crypts however look in the future I'll be getting more of those for sure :P

As it is now, dosing has stopped and as far as plants go my tank looks like a wreak. Come thanksgiving and winter time however, and I will try and get this all back on track. I'll focus again on the plants once my fish heal up and I get a co2 system. Then I'll make a new thread for this tank and watch how successful I will hopefully be.

In the meantime, I'll get around to starting a thread for my dirted shrimp tank that I have with me on campus, since that thing is growing insanely well....almost too well in fact. Any important plants from my 75 have clippings that are thriving in there, so at least not everything will be lost. Live and learn I guess, live and learn.

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