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So....... while we do laundry and all power-consuming chores (y'know, in case we lose power), waiting for Frankenstorm Sandy to barrel into us in a day or two, we continue...

A short trip to Lowes, to buy some secondary containment vats of just the right size/dimensions. DK didn't have them in her bins & barrels of parts, and in this case deemed it worthy of some cash outlay to have the right thing, as the cashew jars will be stationed OVER light fixtures, so secondary containment is prudent.

When planning a project, DK always asks herself, "What is the worst thing I can think of that can go wrong?" - and then plans for it. Sort of like that Seal Team Six leader, in an interview said that they plan and train for every possible contingency, but he also assumes SOMETHING will go wrong, in every mission.

Next, we shopped for just the right parts, to make a bulkead of sorts, as DK's bulkead stash didn't have quite what she wanted. Then, we make a bulkhead drain into our secondary containment tray, in case the cashew jars leak or overflow for any reason.


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