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Originally Posted by aokashi View Post
I have high quality matcha from Japan my teapot's at work however so I cant really make proper tea. you will be served the ghetto way

will be more than happy to share some snails with you only ones I cant really catch are the Malaysian Trumpet Snails.

You should totally get some pond snails, they clean off protein films better than any protein skimmer( seeing they dont work anyway)

Whoa, that would be awesome, though would it be okay with my male betta in a 2.5 gal? In fact, would ANY snail be a suitable tank mate? On a different note, I love green tea and am drinking genmaicha (green tea w/ brown rice) right now. I also have loose matcha powder I use to sprinkle over some of my desserts.

Nico approves, I think.
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