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I believe it was your first viv build. Had a central waterfall.

I will grab a humidity setup soon.

I've done quite a bit of research on fire bellied newts. They are mainly aquatic and only rarely leave the water. Theres a fair amount of land over there, and a fair amount of places on the wood they could crawl out if need be.

Theres actually about as much land area in that tank as there would be in the entire bottom of a 10g which according to many sources can hold 4 newts with a land mass of 1/4 land to 3/4 water.

As I only want to house three newts I believe this should be sufficient, although more research will be needed for sure.

I've considered Broms, I've considered Orchids, I've considered crypts on the land area as well, though I would want something that stayed red.

However my main concern with having something on that wall is that it is covered in water 100% of the time. Not sure what plants would work in that besides a type of java moss/fern/or other moss would be?

I'll go research those plants you have recommended! Thanks!
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