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Originally Posted by Overgrowth View Post
...Is that Nico Robin from One Piece?
Yes it is! Friend got it for me at an anime convention.

Anyways, small update: Lots of stuff has been growing in the big lake-muck bowl, and the ghost shrimp I tossed in seem to be doing well while eating substrate stuffs. Some tiny white worm things and tiny snails and almost invisible darting...things zipping around. Pretty neat! Unfortunately, none of it has been plant growth except the floating riccia. Both the sad-looking ludwigia and the wisteria stems went completely liquid, which was pretty disgusting. Leaves remained mostly ok and sprouting many roots. IDK what to make of this, so I snipped off some healthier looking leaf nodes and let them float and threw away the slimy brown stuff.

Maybe I buried them to deep? Substrate is ~1" park dirt and 1" lake sand. Even the stems that I put into betta tank just slightly stuck under gravel melted, too, though. Ah well.

Bowl was looking empty, so I added a lucky bamboo stem that should be very happy. I braved the Seattle weather today and went to a non-Petco fish store nearby to get more rooting plants that grow quickly. Slightly suspicious of LFS staff that recommended anubias and java fern as good choices to hold substrate together. Aren't they mostly slow growing tie-to rock things?

Ended up buying some grassy stuff and taller red leaved potted thing with big roots that I could see--apparently dwarf saggitarius and crypto something. The crypto leaves were weak in the center and some ripped down the middle during planting.

The dwarf sag looked very healthy and I split it up into 6 or so bunches to plant. It's very hard to plant stuff underwater. Poke a hole in dirt, sand immediately fills it up! And roots were nearly as long as the leaves so they kept poking up and floating out and breaking off and omg this was stressful. They are mostly planted now. Extra bunches went into betta tank, so I can compare growth!

Water super cloudy after my planting exertions:

Can see a ghost shrimpie and a hitchhiking teeny snail on the glass.

Betta has been enjoying sleeping on his riccia mat:

Gave me a minor heart attack yesterday when he decided to go carpet surfing (probably via launching off said riccia mat), but he seems to be fine back in the water. This dumb fish.
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