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Originally Posted by Aquamom View Post
The exact species I don't know -- it wasn't even named at the LFS where I got it. It was just labeled an "Anubias". Obviously, it's a species in between the tiny nanos and the really tall ones.

They all have the capacity to bloom, I'm sure, though the flowers may vary from one species to the next.

If anyone does know which species that one is, I would like to know, myself.

I'm happy to share -- thanks for viewing.

-- Aquamom
By the shape and size of the leaves, it looks like the same one I bought at Petsmart. The label on the package just says Anubias by Top Fin. I had it submersed in a vase for awhile, but I've since moved it to a cocktail glass and have the leaves sticking out of the water. Well, after about a week, the leaves started wilting. I thought most Anubias can be grown emersed but obviously not this one.

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