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Sorry all. I completely got lost in all of the pages of pictures and critiques and didn't follow the directions when it was my turn! And I posted 3 pics instead of only ONE! Sorry!

Tetra73, Your first picture is like the pics my Uncle takes. He is a photographer with older models of cameras. So, I found it quite interesting since I've never seen this done by anyone else besides him.I really like the angle you took picture #2. It makes me want to walk around the corner to see whats there. The 3rd picture is missing something. When I first saw it, my eyes automatically scanned the photo looking for something more, then realize it's the red leaf tree. I would say that the foreground should be shortened, eliminating the bottom section with the lighter colored grass which will bring the trees more into the line of view at first glance. The 4th shot is intriguing. I would like to be on a small paddle boat floating through the green. Of course, looks like boats aren't allowed on that water. Nice picture.
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