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Tell me about diopters aka close-up filters


Can someone tell me about diopters?

I googled and googled and can't figure out what it does exactly and what those plus numbers mean.

If I put an diopter on my 17-55mm f2.8 lens, does that mean I can get up closer to the subject? Or, does it mean the subject is magnified? Or, both?

And, with the lens above, how much larger is the image or how much closer to the subject can I get if the diopter is a +1 versus a +2?

Currently, I'd say I can get to within 2' of the subject. Ken Rockwell claims 1.25'.

I don't necessarily want to get up any closer to the subject. I don't mind sitting about 3-4' away from the subject. But, I want to be able to telephoto closer to the subject.

I don't want to spend on a pricy macro or telephoto lens. Recently tried a 40mm f2.8 macro but didn't like it. I learned that I rather shoot from a distance with my tripod than get within inches of the subject. Diopters seem to be the way to go?

Eyeing this right now.


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