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Originally Posted by IWANNAGOFAST View Post
the blues are dimmable so it won't be too blue. This light should be able to run over a reef too if I so choose, just need to add a few UV leds
Originally Posted by fishykid1 View Post
Several other places are carrying them as well now too. I think you may have a few to many blues unless you really want a 9-11K look. I have a set with 12 XPG neutral white and 5 RB the neutral whites are driven at 700mA and the 5RB at 500mA... It's too blue for my tastes...
Do either one of you have pics of these set up and in use yet? I am close to pulling the trigger on a similar build, but i have been debating on which LED's i want to use. And really my choices were pretty close to what you both are doing, or i was thinking maybe going with just the XPG nw's.

Its going to be a nano build, either over a 10g or an 18g that has a similar foot print as the 10, but is just taller. I plan on growing emersed out the top of the tank with driftwood, and low tech no co2 for now. Im planning on going with 12 3w LED's and controlling the light output with fixture height and dimming, but having the ability to go higher light if i want.

Anyway, not trying to hijack your thread, sorry! Would just love to see what this looks like set up over plants and fish...
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