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Up for Grabs (may or may not be fish related...):

Gel capsule samples- good for capping dry ferts like osmocote. I used a different brand, scotts? and haven't killed my fish yet. Let me know how many you want if interested, to cap your own. ED
Decapsulated Brine Shrimp Eggs samples- from YFS, they are tiny and my nano fish seem to like em but I've had my tetras not really enjoy them, won't have a lot to portion out depending on how many people are interested
Springtails- they look like the long, flea king instead of the globular ones. I have a lot. Use as fishfood or for cleaning your terrarium
Phoenix worms- I MIGHT have some to give out, depending how many are still alive- I can maybe give 1-2 to see if your fish like em. I give em to bettas and some are too small to handle them. CHIBI
Waxworms - same thing as above, just much larger and fatter. Only my giant danios are big enough to eat them(maybe the dwarf cichlids but the danios haven't given me the chance) CHIBIKAIE
Floater mix- duckweed, azolla, salvinia, frogbit, dwarf water lettuce, hygroryza aristata...whatever you need
Easy beginner plants- water sprite, anacharis, water wisteria, brazillian pennywort, cabomba
Ultrafine precipitated calcium carbonate- supplement for reptiles, birds, etc, but it does not dissolve into water calcium to be used by tank critters. unless they eat it. I have no idea if they would. anyone want to test it in an isolated experiment?
10/14 glowlight and neon/cardinal tetras- ACITYDWELLER
1 M german blue ram - disclaimer, hes not very vibrant. free though.
Baby kribs- as usual, dont have many since a family member wants most

Looking for:
microworm culture
daphnia culture
any interesting small inverts
ferts to try :P

Will edit this list as it changes...PM me!

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