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Example of 1 litre bottles.
Pour into bottle #1, 59 grams of K2SO4, 65 grams of KNO3, 6 grams of KH2PO4 and 41 grams of MgSO4.
Pour into bottle #2, 80 grams of dry Trace Element mix.
Fill up both bottles with soft water to the 1 litre size and shake. Wait over night until dissolved.

Testing: We do not test for water parameters on settled aquariums. There is no need when levels become consistent.
Dosing: The proper dosing quantity is 1 ml of each solution per 10 gallon or 40 litre of aquarium size. Dose prior to lights turning on.

5 gallon or 20 litre dose 10 drops
10 gallon or 40 litre dose 1 ml
50 gallon or 200 litre dose 5 ml
100 gallon or 400 litre dose 10 ml

i know its overly simplified but its meant to be an intro method for beginners...
If we stick to using dry dosing, perhaps we can pack them dry and let people pour them into quart containers and add water to use as liquid doses at their leisure. saves us the hassle of bottling and carrying water to the meet. though if you wanted to sell the bottles for $1.50-2 each, i think they would come in handy. judging by the dosage chart above... a larger bottle may be more practical.

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