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Breeder nets, breeder boxes.

CPD won't spawn if you keep moving them tank to tank, they need to acclimate to the water.

In my experience (although most of what you need to know has already been pointed out) I've done well breeding CPD in a 20g with a net that allows eggs to fall through. After they spawn, I just toss them back into their community tank and remove the net. Don't need any mosses or anything, the tank is bare bottom and runs a sponge filter connected to an air pump.

If I'm not mistaken CPD are originally from black/soft water biotopes. I use IAL or driftwood to condition the water and make it tannin rich.

Water parameters:
Temp - 75F
pH - 6.5

The rest doesn't really matter. Ammonia and others should remain as close to 0 as possible.

A side note, live foods condition them to breed better than frozen. I recommend grindal worms, microworms, or dahpnia monia. Although golden pearls will accomplish everything and be less of a hassle, if you want to pay the monies for it.

Another side note, my CPD seemingly always spawn in the morning, when the lights first come on. I also noticed they tend to spawn the day after I do a large water change. Perhaps fresh, cooler water stimulates them?

Try it out.
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