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Originally Posted by DoubleT View Post
I was thinking about getting ss mesh and cutting it to fit behind the grates and behind the small hole on the back, what did you do for yours?
I did the exact same thing with one exception. Get rid of the stock filter cartridges. They don't allow you to fill the tank all the way up. If you do, too much water by passes over the filter media. I also closed off the slot on the side and drilled holes in the bottom of the media chamber. I then placed a course foam block all the way in the bottom then a bag of charcoal, finaly a fine bock of foam on the top. Now the water is pulled down through the filter media. It filters much better and doesn't allow any by pass. I allso put some bio bags in the the large chamber (chamber with the pump) just to add to the bio filtration.

A link to my tank is included on my signature line.

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