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Originally Posted by Monster Fish View Post
Aight. Time to figure out what I have available. I'll edit this as I find stuff to give away/trade/sell. Also depends on how fast I can get stuff to grow in about a week.

Giant Duckweed
Floater trailmix
Pothos cuttings (not aquatic rooted, but with rootbuds growing from the nodes)
Champagne yeast samples for DIY CO2 (enough to get you started)
6-tubed PVC pipe pyramid condo (for people with crayfish)
Some metricide-14 samples
Emersed DHG 'Belem' (I know one person was interested in this)
Some other plants I have yet to trim and grow out in a week.
Am I the one person you are talking about? LOL

Please forgive me for my grammar mistakes!
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