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Aight. Time to figure out what I have available. I'll edit this as I find stuff to give away/trade/sell. Also depends on how fast I can get stuff to grow in about a week.

Giant Duckweed
Floater trailmix
Pothos cuttings (not aquatic rooted, but with rootbuds growing from the nodes)
Champagne yeast samples for DIY CO2 (enough to get you started)
6-tubed PVC pipe pyramid condo (for people with crayfish)
Some metricide-14 samples
Emersed DHG 'Belem' (I know one person was interested in this)
Some other plants I have yet to trim and grow out in a week.
Eublaberus Posticus nymphs (for those of you who are brave enough to try roaches as food for your fish)
2 - 1/2 gallon pickle jars (great for one of those nano-jar setups)

More stuff added:
Some guppy grass
Some hygrophila polysperma 'Ceylon'
1 tablespoon samples of crushed coral - for buffering your water


1/2 gallon jars. Only have one lid if you want. My hand can barely fit in but someone with smaller hands can easily do a small jar setup.

PVC pipe condo

Crushed coral

Metricide 14 - An Excel alternative, it's twice the strength of Excel.

EC-1118 aka Champagne yeast. The best yeast for DIY CO2 IMO when fed light brown sugar. Each packet contains enough yeast for 4 setups.

Emersed DHG 'Belem' - 5 inch diameter container.

Took about 5-6 weeks to get this dense but I started with only 15 or so plants. There might be some algae but nothing a little bit of H2O2 and CO2 can't fix.

It's very dense.

Eublaberus prosticus aka orange head roach nymphs. They get twice as big as the ones pictured. I can give you smaller nymphs if you're interested.

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