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I tried to reply last night, but it gave me a moderation review required. It's been more than 12 hours, so I'm trying again. Hope I don't end up double posting.

I had actually considered Marsilea of some type. I was looking around a bit. I think there was some quadrifolia on aquabid or somewhere. Don't think I ever found any minuta. Not sure how much size difference there is.

I thought about getting Excel, but had heard it was not optimal for shrimp. I might get some to boost the plants during the cycle, though, then maybe use it for problem situations down the road.

Got my Xmas moss in from [Ebay Link Removed] Have it in a jar in the kitchen window until I get a chance to put it in some mesh for the moss wall. I probably could have just skipped that idea after deciding to add the stems in the back, as it's probably going to be a bit busy on the back wall. Kind of hate to disturb things now as it looks like I didn't leave enough clearance to fit the wall in without uprooting some of the ludwigia and rotela that I had trouble keeping down to begin with.

EDIT: ha, I just said the name of the auction site and didn't use a link. The auto-edit made it much more obvious than just the 4 letter site name.

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