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Which one did you read? My first viv or my paludarium build? Because my white's moved into the paludarium. Since you've kept frogs, you know the importance of keeping humidity stable. Grab a temp/humidty unit from petsmart. But go digital. Exoterra makes a slick one for about $25 and i use them in all my vivs/palus. Did you do any research on fire bellied newts? I'm not sure, but wouldn't they require more of a land area? As far as the plant question, there are smaller sized broms. A neoregelia sp would stay relatively small. Depending on what the humidity is (you didn't think i'd given up on that did you?) You could go with a nice carnivorous pitcher plant, like a nepenthes species. Some stay small, but others can get some massive pitchers on them. Otherwise, i would check out either black jungle terrarium supply, new england herps, or josh's frogs. They should have a plant you are looking for. You can also add plants that will grow emergent as well. A bacopa species will grow out of the water and grow little flowers. So will lindernias and some species of hygrophilia. And one suggestion, have you thought about planting one of your crypts in the land mass? It will actually grow differently from the submerged ones.
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