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Originally Posted by aokashi View Post
a storm is coming...
helllooo weekend~
Our basement used to get flooded on the megastorms so even smaller stormed got me unnerved. Suffered through that for decades until finally moving three years ago. When I say mega storms, I mean our entire street would be navel high in water. I've lost five cars to floods and countless amounts of stuff in the basement. Guess it was a nice way to declutter the house. Biggest storms happened once in the eighties, once in the ninetys then twice in 2007. One just happened a month ago. I saw it reported on ny1 then... People say its inadequate sewer maintenance. Others say sanitation divert the sewers away from th airports which inevitably backs up in low lying neighborhoods... You guys have no idea how good you have it not having flood worries. It was a very uncomfortable time in my life. I remember lifting an old lady up and seating her a brick wall to get out of the river of flood water and waiting there with her until her son was able to come and pick her up.

The world's changing before our eyes. Never really had this sort of weather before. Hardly have any snow in recent years. I remember months and months of snow covered streets when I went to elementary school, building snow men, snow forts and a stockpile of snowballs then running inside with frozen hands and toes to have hot chocolate. Those were the days...

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