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Originally Posted by Koi Kameon View Post
I have been keeping these shrimp for 4 years now. The are amazing. Active without being frenetic. Able to thrive in various brackish water salinities. I have a small group of 9 and enjoy them that way--I can identify the individuals more easily. I, personally, do a 10-20% water change about every month. I don't understand the advice about not keeping other plants with them as I have successfully kept Japanese moss balls and willow moss with them at around 1.008 and am now keeping them with frog bit, a nana petite, and willow moss at 1.005. If you search around the forum, you will see that breeding them seems to be hit or miss. With some people keeping them in a 5 gallon set up with filter and tons of layers of rocks to hide in with no result and others in the world wide web being able to cram 30 of them in 60 oz. and have them breed like crazy. So, i put my stock in them being happy with are they molting a lot? Also, mine can not stand any aeration of any kind. These are VERY laid-back shrimp and will usually not freak about anything but when i introduced an aeration stone, they were still stressed and pale and overly active the next day so I don't aerate or filterate.
Your salinity is lower than mine. The plants you mentioned will die at my higher salinity. The reason I believe the shrimp don't reproduce is that the salinity isn't high enough. I want mine to breed and the moderator of the above mentioned site has huge numbers of these shrimp reproducing so I set mine up as close as possible to his. He has tanks that have not had a water change in 5 years, only topping off with R/O water. I think his success in keeping these speaks for itself.

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