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Originally Posted by Mostlydave View Post
The golden pearls I use 5-50 micron for adults and the 200-300 for fry
You got this backwards, the 5-50 micron is the smaller of the 2, appropriate for fry and 200-300 micron is the size for adults. Not really the point of the thread, but dont want the OP to get confused and order the wrong size.

When i had CPD, i didnt find them difficult to feed at all, but maybe i was just already feeding stuff they liked (which really seemed to be anything they could fit in their mouths for the most part) But the things i would highly recommend would be golden pearls, decapped brineshrimp eggs, arctic copepods, and crushed up high quality flake foods. Something else i found they really liked was frozen mosquito larvae, but those dont seem to be too easy to find.

All that would be for adult fish, but treated right, some of that would probably work for bigger fry too...
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