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Originally Posted by Sd760 View Post
Looking forward I updates! Sounds awesome
Let me know what you think...far from done...I hope.

Originally Posted by SpecGrrl View Post
*want pics!*
Your wish is my command - sorry for the delay!

Originally Posted by Aben314 View Post
This looks really cool!

Seems like it's way too small for fish though.
Thanks! Not exactly what I had in mind when I started, but I like the end result. Like I said earlier, there is still work to be done!

You are probably right. These gouramis are tiny though, less than an inch. Water quality is fine though, and as air breathers volume doesnt matter so much. I will try it out and if it doesnt work they can go to a bigger tank easily.

Originally Posted by AwkwardShrimp View Post
what type of light did you decide to go with?
Anti climatic here - just an 18w spiral CFL.

Think that is too much light? I had my doubts, but I just had it around.

As the floaters and stuff grow out I think it will be fine.
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