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Reef King? Or reef aquarium- or aquarium king.. something...I dont even remember the name, its on 8th ave, right by the N train.
They have 2 danio species that I thought were pretty cool, Blue Red Line Danios... after some googling, they are calling it a pearl danio morph- but the scientific names are different- might be a different species, this is a good photo of it, the orange catches the light and shines.
Another was called the Lake Line Danio and...I dont even remember what it looks like, maybe albert remembers.
CRS for about 7.50, good looking cherries for 4?

The one on ave U, aquarium gallery or something E 15 had what the lady insisted were Flying Foxes, but I thought was a SAE. 3.50? And they had ick. Still pygmie cories for $3. Then again, Im reading this:! and arrrgh what!? I dont want my moss to be eaten.
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