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and i do have a tip for planting. with the exception of TRUE extreme epiphytes (tillandsias, broms, twig orchids), plant all epiphytes IN YOUR SUBSTRATE, then train them up whatever wood or background you want them to cover. trying to root them directly onto the object is much more difficult.

once they are firmly attached to whatever they are growing on, you can cut away the bottom portion of the plant if you want it to look like it's just growing on the object.

you also want to note the difference in peat moss and sphagnum moss. sphagnum comes in a 'long fiber' form, and is therefore helpful for stuffing around the roots of epiphytes. peat moss is actually sphagnum which has broken down into small particles and looks like soil. you may want to use peat for substrate mix (i prefer coco fiber), but not so much for placing epiphytes.

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